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ArkThoughts.com is the result of a community campaign called ‘30 Days of ARK’ which ran on the ARK Subreddit, sponsored by Delegate Jarunik in December 2018. Delegate Jarunik funds small projects of all types that help ARK, like articles, media, events, contests, and development. During the 30 Days of ARK, the ARK community came together to provide thoughts and opinions on 30 ARK concepts. Use ArkThoughts to get caught up on what the community thinks of ARK, and then form your own opinion on this ambitious project. The ARK community submitted over 60,000 words to ArkThoughts, expressing their opinions on everything from the ARK vision, team, community, delegates and more all the way to ARK open source products and social channels.

Choose an ARK concept below to learn more about it, see resources to explore, and listen to ARK community members. The comments expressed on ArkThoughts come from real community members who received ARK in exchange for their participation in the campaign. In some cases, comments on ArkThoughts.com have been edited for spelling, grammar, to correct for usage of English as a second language, to remove inaccurate information due to misunderstanding, and to remove anything that can be possibly misconstrued as financial advice. The original texts are always viewable by clicking the ‘Source’ link near each comment. In some cases, suggestions within comments were removed for time, and all suggestions made in comments on ArkThoughts were collected and forwarded to the right people.

ArkThoughts is an ARK Community Committee project and not affiliated with ARK.io. ARK.io cannot be held liable for content found on ArkThoughts.com, and comments here do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of ARK.io, its agents, or its partners. Content on ArkThoughts.com is not financial advice and shall not be interpreted as a solicitation of investment or a solicitation to purchase the ARK Mainnet Token.

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